TSU Students and Faculty on Different Media Users


On Intercultural Communication Day, Texas Southern University (TSU) students and faculty members talked media usage at the second panel in the Martin Luther King Auditorium to engage everyone worldwide.

Joining TSU professor Stephanye Perkins and Texas Tech student James Zhang’s respective presentations, the second part of this panel’s members included Deborah Chambers, development manager for TSU’s radio station KTSU-FM, and Frederico “Fred” Novak, Computer Science major and Brazilian native. Part of their segment was to summarize the theme of TSUCommWeek: “Building Bridges Globally Through Communication and Media”.

In the 35th Annual Intercultural Communication Conference, the second panel focused on their segment called Choices of Audiences as Active Users of Media.

TSU’s own and communication students LaMonde Howard and Raleigh Fletcher’s presentation was Social Media in The Classroom – From Dynamite To Dyn-o-mite! Their topic revolves around positives and negatives of social media, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube among others. Its usage in the classroom lets students know of current events, but it also distracts students from their tasks.

Chambers, also a graduate student at the university, spoke about her presentation called Use of Communication Technology in Correctional Facilities. Here is where she elaborated on the topic of communication technology in prison or other correctional facilities by showing its benefits and its dangers.

TSU student Zenoria Abdallah said, “I learned a lot of different things about social media.”

Abdallah enjoyed this fourth day of TSU CommWeek, especially this part of the panel.

“I’m glad I came,” Abdallah said.

TSU graduate student LaVonda James spoke on a brand new topic capturing interest of everyone including the other panelists. Her topic was called Examination of The Texts of Televangelists by Viewers.

The word televangelist was broken down into two parts to know its meaning. In the presentation, James said, Tele means “Television”; evangelist means “to preach the gospel.” In other words, a televangelist is one who preaches the gospel via television. She spoke about media’s usage on these individuals and issues.

TSU graduate student and Day Four Panel One member Andrea Boronell saw some of the presentation.

“It (The presentation) peaked my interest,” said Boronell.

Boronell and everyone in the auditorium doesn’t watch any televangelist, yet she will try to watch for more information.

“I’ll watch it to give it a critical view,” Boronell said.

A short film by TSU professor Vera Hawkins was shown following the presentations. Her video had students from TSU talking about their use of social media in study-abroad programs.

Novak took part in the film along with Shariese Martin, Julian Kane, and Sierra Williams. They use some sort of social medium to stay in touch with friends, family, and their professors while they attend their sessions overseas.

TSU professor Humphrey Regis and RTF Chair Chris Ulasi emphasized on the main idea of these informative presentations with one word: engage. A reason this segment and all other segments on Intercultural Communication Day is to engage everyone. With communication and media’s growing usage, everyone can and will “build bridges globally”.



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