Grading TSU’s Women’s Soccer Team (Midseason)

Texas Southern University’s women’s soccer team has gone through a season of deep focus and continuous effort. In the program’s 12 years of existence, it becomes a time of growing pains before signs of success start to show. While their overall record is a solely three victories and six losses, these group of ladies prove that their gameplay and the sport demands the respect it deserves along with the rest of TSU’s college sports. With that being said, here is a letter grade of their 2015 season so far.

Although three of those non-conference games were losses by an average of five goals a game, the Lady Tigers have only lost by one goal in three other non-conference games out of eight.

“We fought games hard,” TSU defender Maya Turner said.

“We made errors we corrected, but it’s about fixing them.”

This soccer team have kept up with the tempo and the stamina of their opponents.  Second-year head coach Kathryn Saunders sees it as a work in progress in their play.

“There were a lot of changes that occurred this year and these first few games have allowed us to work through those changes in order to see positive results in conference play,” Saunders said via email.

Positive results were visible from their victorious games, which they won by an average margin of about three goals. Their positive results include their Southwestern Athletic Conference victory against Grambling State with a score of 7-1. All that benefitted from their unity on and off the field, especially their practice.

“We are bonding on the sideline. We are smiling and we’re happy,” Turner said.

“Everyone wanted to be here. We are enjoying each other and we’re being productive,” TSU goalkeeper Liliana Hernandez said.

While their season continues, the Lady Tigers have committed themselves to practice and improvement. Both have paid off recently, and is needed for the rest of their conference games, which are pivotal for a spot in the SWAC soccer tournament coming in November. As a result, although it’s in the middle of the season, this team and this sport is already up there in the ranks with TSU’s college sports. Therefore, the Lady Tigers have earned a “B”.



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