My Story

Story of My Career-To-Be

A Future Reporter

“Multiple sources say that Brad Davis, midfielder for the Houston Dynamo, has been included in the roster of the United States Men’s National Soccer Team. He along with 20 other gentlemen will fly to Brazil for the upcoming World Cup, the tournament of all sports tournaments. Not only are Dynamo fans excited, Davis himself is also excited and honored to be representing his country as well as the other players alongside him. With him on the team, many can expect the United States bringing the competition to the 31 countries that will also play for the tournament’s trophy.” There, I visualize myself doing that, perhaps even being that.

A vision like this is somewhat of a wake-up call, translating into a career I’d really want to enjoy. I could say that this job definitely has a good pay, but that’s not me. Money is the last reason why I want to be a reporter. Soccer is the reason why I want to be reporter.

Growing up, soccer was my first love. I put that at the top of my list of “Favorite Sport”. But then there came the writing. I take notes on paper and writing about ideas was a habit of mine. Also, there were times throughout my life where I wasn’t given the full facts or information on things me and my peers spoke of.  Not only were they sports-related, but we spoke on music, as well as other friends and events around school and the neighborhood parks. I felt as though I wasn’t getting the entire story. Only rumors and gossip and false information, which sort of got me pondering whether it was real or unreal.

Mr. Ulasi was speaking at the student orientation in the fall semester. I was one of the transfer students joining the incoming freshmen at the school of communications. He spoke about how communicating is important and it leads to a story, no matter the degree. He added that everyone in the auditorium, including me, has a life story.

The Texas Southern University’s School of Communications, also called the Martin Luther King Humanities Center, was the place for journalism majors. I chose print journalism as my field of study under the degree in communications because I want to report, I like writing, and I want the facts. I may report all things, and those things equal soccer.

Football and basketball are sports I talk about, but none come close to soccer. Watching it or playing it, soccer is my sport. There’s times where I would even bring up a soccer conversation or I bring up a fact involving it. Whether I go the whole day or just say one thing about soccer, something is going come out.  In fact, I am that big of a fan that I might report on the World Cup one day.

Everyone has a passion, and I found mine. Soccer is why I wanted to become a journalist and a reporter. Whichever one, I see myself doing something I love and always will love.


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